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New Home v.

Old Home

Learn the advantages of building a new home compared to buying a pre-owned home

New Homes are built in accordance with up to date building codes and safety regulations Inspections could reveal structural, electric, water and other costly problems. Out of code issues could also be identified along with permitting issues.


New homes are often built with the latest technology inclusive. Home technology and design may be outdated and may have limitations on upgrade possibility.


✓ New homes are built to the latest standards pertaining to energy efficiency and standards.

Provides you and your family a safer and more efficient home Pre-owned home appliances, cooling/heating units and water heaters could be outdated and may need replacing before, or soon after, move-in.

✓ New homes may allow you to add customizations to make it unique to your personality. Repairs and renovation costs could cause you to exceed your original budget and be more expensive had you purchased a new home inclusive of these features.

New homes tend to not require upgrades and maintenance that a pre-owned home may need in order to move in. (i.e. painting, repairs, appliances upgrades, etc...)

The maintenance on a pre-owned home can be more persistent. Your home may turn into a money pit based on continuous surfacing of upgrades and repairs.


✓ Once a new home is complete, it is move in ready. No need for maintenance to be done or someone to move out. Once a sale is complete, repairs and other last minute issues may cause your move in to be hindered, delayed or frustrating do to items not being completed.


New homes generally come with warranties

Pre-owned homes usually do not come with an extensive and reliable warranty.

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